Services available on the NIMC SMS platform

  • Personal NIN Lookup: for checking and displaying an individual’s National Identification Number (NIN);
  • Card Status Check: for checking the print and delivery status of an individual’s National e-ID Card;
  • Change Telephone Number: for changing an individual’s phone number which he/she used during enrolment for the NIN to a new one (where the old phone number used initially is no longer available)
  • Help: for getting help options on available services.


To enjoy any of these services, you may be required to opt out of the Do-Not-Disturb (D-N-D) policy implemented by some telecommunication companies on your phone lines.

Send your SMS message from the same phone number you provided during your NIN enrolment when using the Personal NIN Lookup and the Card Status Check services.

Use of these SMS services will incur charges to your phone credit balance (N4 – four naira price per SMS message).

Numbers to be Used for the SMS Services

  1. +234 908 000 0871 (Etisalat)
  2. +234 903 000 0872 (MTN)
  3. +234 705 820 0871 (Glo)
  4. +234 708 420 0871 (Airtel)

How to Use the SMS Services

In the instance where the individual wants to check his/her NIN, he/she can send the keyword “mynin” as an SMS  message to any of the specified numbers above and the result will be the sender’s NIN displayed, provided the phone used for sending the request corresponds with the number the individual supplied to NIMC at the time of registration.

Where the individual seeks to change his/her telephone number, he/she sends “Changeme FirstName Surname OldPhoneNo” and the service will reply with the user’s full name and acknowledgement of the change from the old number to the new number.

In the same vein, where a “cardstatus” request is sent to the specified phone numbers, it returns the state of readiness (where applicable) of the National e-ID card for collection by the individual enquiring. Responses include: Card ready but not dispatched, Card ready (where the card is ready, it displays your batch ID and other details to enable you pick up your card), or Card Collected.

Similarly, the “Help” function is sent to any of the numbers listed below in order to seek help on available services where the individual is not conversant with any of the available SMS Card and NIN services

The table below provides easy reference on the available SMS services.

Use Case Description Keyword Expected Result
1 Personal NIN Lookup This is used by Individual to check his/her NIN Send “mynin” to any of the numbers above Returns the NIN of the number sending the request
2 Change Telephone Number This is used by an individual to change phone number used during enrolment to a new one in case the old is no longer available. This is for the purpose of SMS notification only. Send “changeme FirstName
 Surname OldPhoneNo” to any of the numbers listed above
The service replies with the user’s full name and acknowledgement of the change from the old phone number to the new phone number
3 Card Status Check Checks the print and delivery
status of a National eID Card
Send “cardstatus” to any of the numbers above Returns the state of readiness (where applicable) for a
Request. The mobile number must be known to the system. Responses include:
1] Card ready but not dispatched
2] Card collected
3] Card ready with details for collection
4 Help For clarification and direction on available SMS Card and NIN Services Send “Help” to any of the numbers above Prompts sender for relevant queries on what is available on the platform

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