Enrollees can update the details related to their NIN data as a result of corrections or changes/modifications.

Modifications cannot be made by proxy. The applicant has to visit a NIMC Enrolment Centre (at any location most convenient to him/her).

Updatable Fields

Fields filled on the enrolment form, for which details can be modified include ‘name’, ‘address’, ‘phone number’, etc.


The applicant walks into an Enrolment Centre to make enquiries.
A designated officer at the Enrolment Centre asks the applicant relevant questions on the update to be made. The applicant is then given a list of required documents to be submitted as well as the service charges to be paid using the REMITA PLATFORM.
For example, for change of name, the applicant needs to provide clippings of any newspaper publication indicating his/her new name along with a court affidavit and teller for REMITA payment of N500.
The applicant can then go to any Internet Cafe to get a NIMC REMITA RETRIEVAL REFERENCE (RRR) number generated for him/her with NIMC bank account details.
The applicant uses the RRR number and account details to make the relevant payment at a bank where he/she is issued with a teller and REMITA payment document.
The applicant returns to the Enrolment Centre with the REMITA payment details and other relevant documents for confirmation. An enrolment officer then gives enrolment and modification forms to the applicant to fill. The modification form shows the actual information to be updated.
The enrolment officer verifies the forms and directs the applicant to the Supervisor/Enrolment Centre Manager/State Coordinator (as the case may be) who then sends the applicant to the enrolment room.
The applicant’s data (demographics and bio-metrics) is captured on the enrolment software using its Modification module and a NIN is issued with the modified data (if the original data modified had appeared on the NIN slip).

Restricted Updates

Modifications to some of an enrollee’s captured data, such as ‘date of birth’, are restricted.


The first 5 steps used for Updatable Fields above also apply here.

After all the applicant’s forms and documents have been verified, the enrolment officer submits them for restricted modification approval to the following NIMC officials in order of hierarchy: Enrolment Centre Supervisor > State Coordinator > Regional Head > General Manager Operations > General Manager IT/IDD.

Given all the necessary approvals, the change is effected at the backend and the applicant is notified via the Enrolment Centre where his/her application was initiated. Another NIN slip is printed for the applicant with the corrected data.